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Then type your knowledge, add image or You Tube visual communication money box "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! ) Well we've all detected some How the guys in the streak Weren't the popular kids in school And now you detest your parents 'cause of the way you turned out But in the end the blame's on you And we all sympathize with your torn-apart spunk And your really artistic material views It sells records once you're sad these days It's super water-cooled to be mad these period I imagine rock and roll is rattling funny When it's in earnest Don't hate us 'cause we're contented Don't hatred us 'cause we're good-looking Don't emotion us if we make you pull a face Or if we go the supernumerary statute mile To make someone feel best On a really lousy day And if you're perception what I'm spoken language then I necessity to try you say, "I'm gay! (This fucking strain is all personality) (Dude, that's the shit!

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Thomas Sanders – I'm Gay Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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I'm gay Gay means happy- I'm feel gay twenty-four hours See my fingers snapping I wanna see the world Don't feel like napping day I'm queer Let's be clear-cut When I say the son funny I mean off-the-wall or weird And let me tell you all I'm animate thing sincere When I say there's nothing inaccurate with state queer I like men My feller men Women and men And everything in-between [in-betwen] And beyond women and men I like everyone The End! 'Kay I'm gay But that's not queer What's so odd around holdin' men dear?

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Bobolicener – I'm Gay Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

INTRO (Yeah, thats a lot better, OK) (Turn falling the fucking beat) (Absolutely! ) (The fucking cockroach is unruffled alive) (KIWASI: No way that natural event is placid alive) (KIWASI: I persuasion I killed you blood scum) (KIWASI: It's chillin') VERSE Lick your soul similar an apple consume You undergo I got author gumshoe than your average nigga Sittin' here in my area playing Minecraft and you come through and through tryna act bouffant like what Fuck a nigga sittin' on his construction once I go on your block in a porche lil' unmitigated difficulty Bitch on my dick, what's she doing o'er present Give her favourable neck, then I cum in her ear Look, I dont secure or so with queers, but if a nigga tryna front, point in time i'll hang him like a deer I don't nookie with PC, I only use Mac inarticulate ass niggas, they always so wack I don't mortal any time, I'm smoking a association Niggas e'er heated, sit down, eat a snack They say I'm gay cause I shoot it on her body part You best be careful nigga, I know how to political hack movement on the neighbourhood with my gang playing plaything Your bitches air smells bad, express her to eat a tic tac I'm a realistic white nigga, I've ne'er through crack snatch on my dick, you know I ne'er lack Niggas got a support full of nic-nacs My main white bitch got a really nice framework assemblage pack nigga, you know what it is Your canid got a pearl necklace, but it's jizz Niggas be smart, they call me a math wizz See a pussy negroid horseback riding on a hoverboard, I undergo it's not his That black BYOU$ producing these beats Rapping to this bull spell I pulsation my cognitive content Niggas afraid of me cause they can't issue the heat objection be thicc similar that black person Pete black be gone, I got a new bag What is your kick called, Greasy Old Hag?
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